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Tiny houses are making a big noise, as they continue to grow in popularity around the world. Particularly against the backdrop of the global pandemic of Covid 19.

It is a trend confirmed by studies, with one report revealing that 86% of participants surveyed who were not yet homeowners, “would contemplate purchasing a tiny home as their first home” while 84% of those surveyed said they would consider a tiny home as a retirement living option.

Driving the movement Down Under is Eco Tiny Homes Aus, who offer a range of abodes that showcase the movement’s versatility, environmental credentials and value.

Exclusive National Retailer

Eco Tiny Homes Aus is the exclusive national retailer of Designer Eco Homes, a brand that brings with it over a decade’s worth of tiny house experience – and specialises in design and construction, environmental sustainability and affordability.

Eco Tiny Homes’ passion for your complete project commences as soon as you consult with them. Their experienced team of in-house design experts work closely with each client to ensure their design brief is met, their needs are understood and their dreams are brought to life.

Built off-site, all Eco Tiny Homes models are made to meet your individual needs. And delivered to your door so you don’t have to experience the construction noise or mess.

Specialists At Optimising Small Spaces

The team at Eco Tiny Homes Aus are also specialists at optimising small spaces, through the most sustainable means possible. They do this through the use of new technologies, tools, training and construction techniques and by providing an environment that encourages and recognises innovation and proactive thinking. In addition to focusing on the greenest options possible during the construction process, their finished products offer a range of complete off-grid alternatives such as solar, water catchment and composting toilets to help you continue both your ongoing environmental and living costs.

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Using A Base Model

All our models embrace an open concept design, high ceilings and  optional upgrades depending on the model!  Despite the different visions of each of their owners, all Tiny Homes share the common values of quality, innovation and world-class workmanship.

Eco Tiny Homes’ business – and indeed houses – are established on a foundation that combines traditional customer-centric values with the latest construction techniques and technologies, to ensure that all clients receive the highest quality finish possible.

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Founded On Reliability & Results

Finally, Eco Tiny Homes Aus are founded on reliability and results, while maintaining a diligent commitment to affordability, without compromising safety. They understand the challenges of rising living costs – and are committed to supporting families seeking more affordable alternatives. From clear, upfront terms to providing options across a range of budgets to suit your needs, Eco Tiny Homes Aus take your trust and their responsibility to your home seriously.

Whether you are a single or couple, new family or retiree, Eco Tiny Homes understand that while no two clients are the same, all are drawn to the idea of a simpler life. And so Eco Tiny Homes Aus proudly offer a range of solutions that deliver these lifestyle choices.

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