Tiny B&B

Micro & Mini Homes in Australia

  • 1 Bed, 1 Bath

  • $69,990.00

Eco Tiny Homes Aus’ Tiny B&B

Suitable to sleep up to two people, and perfect for rental opportunities or for unexpected extra accommodation, this tiny home is not customisable – making it the perfect starting point for those looking for an easy, impressive option.

Eco Tiny Homes Aus’ most basic model may be termed the Tiny B&B. But don’t be confused … it’s anything but boring. In fact, in this instance, the B could certainly refer to brilliant and beautiful!

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Inclusions And Other Details

Sized at 4.8-metres the Tiny B&Bs come to you ready to go with:

  • air conditioning
  • composting toilet
  • slatted queen size bed
  • large picture window
  • kitchenette with bar fridge
  • roof plumbing
  • 16L gas hot water system
  • smoke alarm (with 10-year battery smoke detector)

The kind of deluxe bathroom offerings you would typically find in a full-service house.

  • including glass mirrors
  • ceramic flushing toilets
  • chrome shower mixers
  • toilet roll holder
  • towel rail

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As a ready-made option, the Tiny B&B model has enough space to add the extra
accommodation you need for guests or to live with a comfortable inside space and add luxurious outdoor elements. Whether for a business or the perfect holiday tiny house in Australia, this model is a stylish and affordable choice.

Optional Extras

Among the optional extras available to add are solar trailers, insulation and insulation.

One of the most popular add-ons to all of Eco Tiny Home Aus’ houses is the option for a solar trailer. A solar trailer is a great way to provide power to your property when a regular rooftop installation is just not possible.

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Available For Purchase Immediately

With a starting price of less than $80,000 (base) and a very manageable four-stage progress payment schedule from building confirmation to completion, Eco Tiny Homes Aus’ Tiny B&B can make owning your home a reality.

And as a non-custom design, available for purchase immediately – the Tiny B&B can make your biggest dreams of property ownership come true quicker than you might ever imagine!

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