Live a simpler life in a smaller space.

Tiny Houses for Sale in Australia

Driven by both an architectural and social ethos of minimalism, the Tiny House movement encourages residents to live a simpler life in a smaller space.

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Eco Tiny Homes Australia

While bigger is often considered better, when it comes to houses, it appears that good things actually come in small packages!

As more homeowners and occupiers than ever determine that a large home – and the supersized costs associated with it – are both unnecessary and (potentially) detrimental to overall life satisfaction, Eco Tiny Homes Aus are proudly driving the growth of the industry in Australia.

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Good things come in small packages! Eco Tiny Homes are proudly driving the growth of tiny homes in Australia as more and more homeowners realise that bigger is not always better. Larger homes come with larger ongoing costs — but our tiny eco homes offer an incredible solution for cost-savings, efficient technology and sustainability.

Our homes come in a range of styles and designs so that you can find the model that best accommodates your lifestyle. Contact us to make a change in your life for the better. Consider building a tiny house in Australia with the industry-leading experts in our team, who can help you to create a home you can be proud of.

Stylish & spacious tiny homes w/ quality finish.

We deliver Australia wide.

Affordable, alternative housing solution.

Sustainable low-impact living.

No council DA required*

Experienced in home building and design.

Ready Made Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes may be small by nature, but the list of reasons driving their rising popularity is long!

Whether you are seeking to enter the property market without gaining a substantial mortgage or considering buying an investment property, Eco Tiny Homes Aus offers a selection of enticing options that provide you all the charm of a full-sized place of residence, at a fraction of the space … and price!

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For full-sized living in a fraction of the space, tiny eco homes are just the ticket. Tiny homes may be small by nature, but the list of reasons driving their rising popularity is huge!

Entering the housing market with a reduced mortgage is one of the main advantages of building a tiny kit home in Australia. By saving yourself the cost of building a traditionally-sized home as well as incurring less expense in the upkeep and running costs, you allow yourself a freer lifestyle so that you can live the way you want.

Our tiny eco homes are the most sustainable building alternative in Australia. You can keep your carbon footprint low — and with the range of technology that we utilise in every build, you are sure to save on bills like power and water as well.

Tiny B&B

If you are looking for a tiny home in a hurry Eco Tiny Homes Aus’ Tiny B&B may be the answer!

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Freedom Series -8400GBS

For those who require a little more room, the Freedom Series 8400GBS model offers 8.4m of it!

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Freedom Series 8400NLC

Featuring on one easy level, the Freedom Series 8400NLC is the definition of simplicity and space utilisation.

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Lifestyle Series 7200DLS

This tiny home features 2 spacious lofts with plenty of space on the ground floor to spread out and relax.

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Lifestyle Series 7200NLR – Coming Soon!

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Tiny Homes residents continue to rise in popularity by giving their residents the freedom to live a flexible life without the restrictions of a fixed dwelling.

To view our tiny homes please make an appointment. If you come in without an appointment we can’t guarantee that we will be able to take you on a tour, especially in school holiday times.

Where can I build a tiny house in Australia?

The beauty of tiny homes in Australia is that you do not need a lot of space to complete your build. Eco Tiny Homes provides ready-made tiny home options that you can tow to your desired location where you can establish a more permanent setting by adding exterior features such as decking or a pergola.

How much are tiny homes in Australia?

A tiny house in Australia is one of the most affordable homes you can build. Compared to a traditional home, there are great cost savings to be had with one of our tiny eco homes, from your initial build through to your monthly bills and upkeep costs.

How can I finance a tiny house in Australia?

A tiny house in Australia can be built using mortgage financing from Australian banks and lenders. Just as you would with a larger traditional home, you can build one of our eco tiny homes with a standard deposit and balance payment.

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    Solution To Housing Challenges

    Offers a solution to housing challenges across the globe – with the urban population of most of the major cities in the world (including Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Sydney) rising steadily – yet accommodation options struggling to accommodate them due to space limitations.

    Unlike conventional homes which are fixed to the ground, Tiny Houses are generally built on top of a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system and tow hitch. And although they share similar characteristics to caravans, Tiny Houses are actually designed to look like traditional houses.

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    The popularity of tiny eco homes is rising around the world. It’s not just a question of cost — it’s also a matter of having enough space. Accordingly, tiny home solutions are great for dense urban populations such as those in Sydney, Paris and Barcelona.

    Unlike conventional homes that are fixed to the ground, Tiny Houses are generally built on a steel chassis with axles, wheels, braking system, and tow hitch, making them a portable solution. Our tiny eco homes are built to look much like traditional houses — so no matter how portable they may be, you can still make them feel like home.

    Environmental Benefits

    The primary environmental benefits from Tiny Houses come from their substantially lower operational energy levels. As they’re so small, they use much less heat and power when compared to conventional homes. Equally important is the issue of embodied energy – the energy it takes to mine, transport and manufactures the materials that make the house.

    With CSIRO research shows the embodied energy of an average-sized house equals about 15 years of operational energy (the energy consumed by day-to-day living in the building), building small or tiny homes can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

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    Grant and the team at Designer Eco Tiny Homes were just fantastic. So incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the process of buying my first Tiny Home. They were always there for advice regarding transport, installation, plumbing, power, gas and any of the other questions I had. Buying a Tiny was the best decision I have ever made. It's structurally sound, the interior is beautiful and I haven't had a single problem with it. I'd recommend Designer Eco Tiny Homes to anyone looking at buying one to live in, share with family, use as a holiday home or rent out for extra income. I wouldn't go anywhere else.


    It was a pleasure dealing with Grant and his team at Designer Eco Tiny Homes. Our custom 7200DL Tiny Home was built to absolute perfection and delivered before the scheduled date. These guys know how to under promise and over deliver.

    The culture in this business is to ensure that all requirements are satisfied from the outset to well after completion. We will definitely be returning for our next Tiny Home purchase. Thanks guys!


    We were fortunate to find Designer Eco Tiny Homes as we had a unique problem and they had unique solutions. Our family had just extended with the arrival of a grand-daughter, and we needed to be able to accomodate her along with my son and daughter-in-law. Living in a bushfire prone area of Sydney we had absolutely no chance of doing the renovations we would need, so were actually considering moving till we happened on the idea of a Tiny Home. Because we already had some living space available in a converted large garage/storage area, we had our tiny built to be sleeping/eating/washing/bathing and not so much around living area. That has given us sleeping for 5 in a proper bedroom with a queen, a loft with a queen and another with a single. We have full laundry facilities and a quite large galley kitchen.


    We had a great experience with building our Tiny House Wheels with Designer Eco. Grant and his team are just brilliant and really down to earth folks. The process was super easy and the team even went beyond to get the TOW completed. I would highly recommend A+++


    Let me just say Designer Eco Tiny Homes have been extremely generous to the Salvation Army & without their support & Tiny home we wouldn't be able to support a number of those in our community needing somewhere to stay.

    The Tiny Home that we have has been able to house a gentlemen who was sleeping it rough in his car for a number of months as he had no where to stay. This Tiny Home literally gives people a place to call home until they can get back up on their feet.

    Mark S

    We can't recommend Designer Eco Homes highly enough. Right from the moment when we called into their workshop and Jane gave us a guided tour of the tiny homes under construction we were so impressed. We loved the light and airy tiny homes on display. They were so well designed and the quality of workmanship was obviously high. The camaraderie amongt the workers appeared really high too, another very good sign.


    I will likely be considered a unique review as I haven’t ended up buying a completed Designer Eco Tiny Home for a number of reasons... however did have an amazing experience with Grant, Kylie and the team that is worth the 5 star review!

    Kylie’s passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and relaxed approach made my initial contact amazing. A tour of the factory gave me a comprehensive first hand look at the quality of work, the whole array of dedicated professionals on their team and overall honesty and integrity that seems to be ingrained in this company. Kylie’s ‘no pressure’ approach gave me the confidence to progress my ideas to the next step with Grant.


    My sister and I traveled from Canberra a couple of weekends ago to finally go through the display homes. What a dream we found! I believe the lady who led us through was named Jane (sorry if that's wrong!!), and she was wonderful and answered all of our questions. We're both very excited to hopefully design and have our own tiny homes built in the future.

    Would recommend this company to anyone looking for an affordable and intuitive small home design/production.